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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top 10 high tech hot tubs

There is nothing more soothing than soaking yourself in a hot tub spa after a hard day work. Its like getting the two worlds together. There are very few places on this earth that offers you quality time after the tiring work, and hot tubs are one them. These hot tubs not only relax your mind, but also rejuvenate your soul with ultimate comfort, performance and style. They are just the perfect way to feel better and to have a personal, relaxing space. Here we have some of the high-tech and luxurious hot tubs to delight your senses.
 Cantabria hot tub
cantabria hot tub
Cantabria hot tub, promises an exceptional hydromassage therapy, apart from elegant design and impressive features. It features the UltraMasseuse system that provides six different massage sequences with three speeds, giving a custom massage from head to toe. The spacious Cantabria hot tub accommodates eight adults and comes equipped with 88 jets to bless you with hydrotherapy and health benefits. It also features Advent remote control that gives the users the option to adjust lighting, jets, two Acquarella waterfalls, optional music, water temperature, cleaning cycles and more.

 Jacuzzi J-480 spa

j 480 hot bathtub
J-480 from the house of Jacuzzi is ultimate in comfort, style and above all relaxes your soul. The Jacuzzi J-480 spa not only holds neat and sleek design, but soothes your senses. The asymmetrical lines of the hot tubs present a fresh spa silhouette, and drench you in the world of luxury never experienced before. It also flaunts three therapy seats, in addition to the lounge, each one designed to provide a targeted hydro massage for specific muscle groups.

 Extreme Spa

extreme spa
Extreme Spa brings with itself complete luxury and comfort and all other amenities you wish to think of while bathing. Designed for up to 8 persons, the hot tubs not only lets you bathe, but also listen to music, and watch your favorite flick. Featuring a built-in 17-inch LCD display, Sony Stereo System, DVD player, Bose controls for the stereo, 45/80 jets, the tubs adds zing to your bathing experience. The tub carries a price tag of $16,000.

 Sorgente hot tub

Designed by Lenci Design, Sorgente looks to be the just right thing for having a personal, relaxing space in your home. It flaunts 8 hydro-silence whirlpool jets that is its primary attribute. In addition, the hot tubs feature remote control operation, underwater lighting, a magnetic headrest, and a pull-out shower with a flexible hose. With its built-in filtration system, the tub is capable of filling and treating the water. .

 iSpa hot tub

The iSpa hot tub spa takes the time tested therapy of hydrotherapy to a new level and makes for a truly unique experience. Designed to be the perfect indoor relaxation spot, the iSpa features a high-density foam pillow, a powerful anti-bacterial filter, an UV-protected cover and jets that are built into the seats to soothe your stressed muscles. The iSpa even lets your customize your iDrotherapy experience with jets that can be opened and closed to get more power where you need it.

 Hot Spring hot tub

hot spring bathtub
This hot tub is definitely a great place to spend a tiring evening and rejuvenate your soul. The hot tub by HotSpring Italia, can house up to seven adults and simultaneously back massage two using its 37 jets including two Moto-Massage DX. In addition Wireless Multi-Source and television without wires, makes this hot tub worth to drench yourself. It’s a complete way to soak yourself in luxury.

 Sarena Bay

sarena bay hot tub
Ultimate in style as well luxury, Sarena Bay offers a new level of bathing experience altogether. Taking the luxury to whole new level, the hot tub is the next big thing you would love to immerse yourself. Flaunting a beautiful look, the tub is equipped with a programmable Dynamic Massage Sequencer for a day-spa massage.

 Sundance hot tub

sundance spas maxxus hot tub
The Sundance hot tub brings the best of two worlds together. Featuring a full-body lounge complete with wrist jets; a foot dome with eight massaging jets; patented Fluidix jets for the neck: 57 jets in total. The foot mount comes combined with a wider foot well that allows for easy movement into and out of the ergonomically designed seats. The SunGlow LED lighting system illuminates the hot tub to make it a retreat itself.

 La-Z-Boy Spa

The hot tub with its exceptional attributes tranquilizes you in ecstasy after a hard day work. The La-Z-Boy spas features reclining seats, variable speed motors, 14 built-in jet massage patterns that replicate professional masseuse techniques and a bunch of high-end consumer electronics including stereos, retractable flat screen television monitors, surround LED lighting and floating remote controls.

Legacy Whirlpool hot tub

legacy hot tubs
Legacy Whirlpool Hot Tub blends quality and outstanding therapy at a very nominal budget, so that you can fulfill you dream a hot tub. It also features maintenance free cabinet, hydrotherapy jets with duotone black/grey finish, a marine grade stereo system, waterline LED lighting and even a backlit waterfall. It is also integrated into the spa cabinet,iPod dock and an auxiliary input for other MP3 players.


Hot Tub Cover said...

These are very nice tubs. A properly made hot tub cover will fit your hot perfectly and help to protect it from damage. Gladly there are online sites where you can purchase one.

inflatable hot tub said...

I love the big silver hot tub. Where can this be purchased?

Small Hot Tub said...

I love that Sorgente hot tub! It's very sleek and will probably fit well into anyone's home/patio. Of course it's a bit harder on maintenance since it's an inground hot tub.

hot tub covers said...

The tubs are too nice to see and may be these are the mostly used tub I have ever seen.I have two Legacy Whirlpool hot tub and the service of these tubs are amusing.Thanks a lot for sharing your discussion on this Legacy Whirlpool hot tub.

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