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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Awesome and Creative Sink Designs

If you would like to give your bathroom an especially fancy and modern feel, then creative bathroom decor items could do the trick. Sinks for example if chosen smartly can enhance the opulence of any modern bathroom. What could be more basic and functionally unchanging as a sink? Today, designers are abandoning the generic, water-intensive styles of old and popping up with new designs that are heavily influenced by the natural world. Gone are the days when sinks and wash basins were ruled by right angles and flat surfaces. Today you have what I call WOW designs to pick from. From a nature inspired washbasin to a suggestively sexy one, meet 18 most creative sinks that certainly create a splash.
sinks montage 5
Origin Sink by Nothing Design Group.

water dance sink 1_vzou3_1822
Water Dance by Balin Le.

The Abisko Washbasin by Eumar Santhenica and Johan Kauppi.

X-Light Surround Basin by Jan Puylaert.

big 01_zkska_1333
Ebony charming wooden wash sink.

Glowing Snail Basin by Di Shen.

Trendy Iris washbasin by Ekateryna Sokolova.

Glass Sink from Cogliati.

Folding Washbasin by Andrew Fowkes.

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