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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Awesome Gadgets from James Bond

The James Bond books and movies have featured exotic equipment and vehicles, which often prove to be critically useful. The original books and early adaptations had only relatively minimal pieces like the modified attache case. However, the gadgets were used in numerous Bond films, such as underground agents.
The device was implanted in the sole of a pair of boots, and with its tremendous success encouraged the following films to have Bond supplied with still more highly technological equipment. In this sense, Bond gadgets became a prime example of the literary technique of Chekhov’s gun. This article concerns the 10 best of his gadgets typically carried on his person or by others in the series.
10. Dagger Shoes

From Russia with Love

These are the SPECTRE-issued dagger shoes as modelled by the delightful Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love, A shoe with a poisoned blade concealed within worn by SPECTRE agents, including Rosa Klebb. The blade would pop out of the front of the shoe, making kicks extremely dangerous. One pair was used by Morzeny to kill Kronsteen after his plan failed. The gadget also makes a cameo scene in Die Another Day in Q’s lab. This shoe is both used by the Punisher and a member of the Yakuza. This gadget makes several comedic appearances in the 1999 film Wild Wild West, starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline, the latter of which plays the character who invents said gadget. The dagger tipped shoe is also used by the Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

9. Underwater Jet Pack


 An almost comical attempt at stealth. Bond uses this as a cover to infiltrate an enemy facility. During the final undersea battle, Bond is equipped with a bulky scuba tank that not only propels him through the water faster than anyone can swim; it is equipped with two explosive-tipped spear guns. It also has a frontal headlight.

8. EM – RPM Ring

Diamonds are Forever

 Q has created a small ring called the electro-magnetic RPM controller that unrandomizes slot machines and ensures a jackpot every time. Bond is in the middle of explaining the science to Tiffany when she spots Blofeld sneaking out of the Whyte House.


7. Rolex Submariner

Live and Let Die

 Given to Bond by Moneypenny, after being “repaired” by Q Branch. This specially modified Submariner has a powerful electromagnet that, in theory, can even deflect a bullet. It also featured a spinning bezel which acted as a rotating saw that enabled Bond to cut his rope restraints and escape a pool full of man-eating sharks and then go on and rescue Solitaire.

6. Golden Gun

The Man with the Golden Gun

golden gun
The Golden Gun is one of the James Bond series firearms, used in The Man with the Golden Gun 1965 novel and 1974 film. It is used by the villain, Francisco Scaramanga, but not by James Bond. Scaramanga assembles his Golden Gun using a pen (which acts as the barrel) inserted into a cigarette lighter (which acts as the firing chamber, the lid acting as the hammer), a cigarette case (which acts as the handle), and a cuff link (which acts as the trigger). This gun however is limited to only one bullet.
5. Aston Martin DB5 and Lotus Espirit

Signature Car in most films

 A Q-Branch customized vehicle with several gadgets. This is actually one of the few vehicles that survives one of Bond’s typical missions.

  • Cement Blaster used to impair enemy windshields on their vehicles or as an underwater smoke screen to elude enemy submarine craft. (In Licences Plate)
  • machine gun disguised as headlights
  • surface to air missiles
  • torpedoes (underwater mode)
  • landmines (also can be used underwater)
  • can convert from land use to underwater submarine use
  • anti-theft device
  • Hubcap Laser
  • Forward missile launcher
  • Concealed Rocket Propulsion system
  • Outrigger Retractable skis
  • Retractable tire spikes
  • Self destruct mechanism
4. Virtual Combat Training Simulator

Die Another Day

 This device allows the user to enter a virtual environment with the assistance of four computerized columns, a special pair of sunglasses, and a special weapon. This training simulator is tested by 007. One such program contains a scenario in which MI6 Headquarters is attacked and the user must eliminate all threats as they see fit. Miss Moneypenny makes some recreational use of another version of the program, where she is romancing with James Bond over a desk.

3. Spy Eye-glasses

The World is not Enough

 This brings style to our spy. Remotely detonates an explosive “flash-bang” charge. The explosive charge is actually housed in the pistol that is confiscated from Bond in the film’s opening scene and also enables X-ray vision for checking for concealed weapons.

2. Philips Keychain

The Living DayLights

It is a special keychain that is not only a lockpick which was claimed by “Q” to be able to “open 90% of the world’s locks” but also contains capsule of stun gas (effective up to 5 feet) which is activated by a whistle combination. (Bond’s was the first bars of “Rule, Britannia!“. It’s unclear if this is a standard setting.) The gas disorientates any normal person for up to 30 seconds. This explanation causes Bond to remark “You don’t find too many normal people in this business, Q…”  It also contains an explosive charge which is activated by a personalized whistle combination. (Bond’s was a wolf whistle, something that Q commented was “most appropriate” for 007.)

1. Wallis WA-116 Series 1 gyroplane (codename Little Nellie)

You Only Live Twice

 Aircraft that can be assembled and disassembled to fit into several small cases. Comes with rocket launchers, air mines, machine guns, rear-mounted flamethrowers, and infrared-guided AA smart missiles. She can be packed away into four suitcases but I wouldn’t fancy your chances getting them through customs.


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