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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weirdest and wackiest contact lenses

Contact lenses were made to remove your spectacles and give you a fashionable look. After sometime they became a style symbol as everyone wanted to have a matching lens with their dress and now they have turned into disasters with annoyingly weird and whacky designs. Scroll down to have a look at the contacts that are just terrible. I am sure you will want none of them.

Disney Contact Lens
mickey mouse contact lens
No matter how much you love Disney and its characters but will you ever think of wearing a Mickey Mouse in your eyes? Well, I guess there are people who like to experiment with the most delicate part of their body with such creepy ideas!

Cat Eye Contact Lens
cat eye contact lens
I love to keep cats as pets but having a contact lens similar to the animal’s eye is a big no no! Imagine! Can you wear something like this, it gives a freaky feel.

Diamond Contact Lens
diamond contact lens
We women love diamonds, they are the biggest assets we can have! Now experiment a little further with this stone, yes, put it in your eyes. Do you find it beautiful? Well, I find it a waste!

Soccer Ball Contact Lens
soccer ball contact lens
Soccer has many fans all over the world and they love cheering for their favorite game in unique ways. But do you think that this way of having football contact lenses is advisable? I really don’t think so.

Imprinted Electronic Circuit Contact Lens
imprinted electronic circuits contact lens
This one is really really weird! Why in this world will anyone want to have an electronic circuit design in their eyes? It is already giving me a creepy feeling!

Spider Contact Lens
spider contact lens
We are supposed to be scared of spiders, aren’t we? And even if we are not scared, we will still consider before having a spider web design in our eyes. This is so not in, instead it’s weird, really weird!

Dragon Eye Contact Lens
dragon eye contact lens
Who wants to color their eyes in different colors and that too in strange designs. This above lens is like a dragons eye and is giving a very creepy look.

Blind Eye Contact Lens
blind eye contact lens
This is baseless! It is giving a very scary plus useless look. Will you want to cover your eye-ball with a nude covering? Well, I will never want to have something like this.

The Dior Eyes Contact Lens
the dior eyes contact lens
This is supposed to be very royal but I really don’t find a point in making this one. Will you want to wear a contact lens that has sparkling gold circles and CD logo on them?

Hello Kitty Contact Lens
hello kitty contact lens
I have started hating Hello Kitty these days and these Hello Kitty lenses are making me hate it even more. They are strange and not at all fashionable.

Videogame Contact Lens
videogame contact lens
Wear these videogame contact lenses if you want to scare someone! They are pointless, I mean why will anybody want to have them in their eyes and make them look useless.

Wolf Contact Lens
wild vampire wolf contact lens
I hate the cat eye lens, the dog eye lens and even the wolf eye lens. It is giving a very creepy plus disgusting look. Imagine turning your eyes into a hot ball of fire with this orange color.

Wild Blood Red Contact Lens
wild blood red contact lens
This one is giving a look of a flu. Imagine yourself having the blood red eyes. I am very sure that it will scare your partner.

Black Sclera Contact Lens
black sclera contact lens
These are not even a ghosts eye! They too have better tastes. It’s not at all scary and will instead give your face a terrible look. Take my advice, never try something like this.

Vampire-ish Contact Lens
wild vampire white contact lens
Half of us love twilight and vampires, right? But will you want your eyes to look like them? White and pale? I don’t find it hot!

Wild Fan Contact Lens
wild fan contact lens
Do we wear the contact lenses to make a joke of ourselves? No, right? This wild fan contacts are very strange, they are bound to give a weird look to the wearer.

Wild Smiley Contact Lens
wild smiley contact lens
We women love the smileys, they help in giving a refreshing feel to our eyes. But will you wear this dangerous smiley in your eyes? No, I will never ever have them.

Wild Sex Contact Lens
wild sex contact lens
This one is by far the creepiest! Yes, imagine having the symbol of a female orgasm in your eyes. Even the thought of it is giving me a strange feeling.

Glow-In-The-Dark Contact Lens
rave orange contact lens
We wear contacts because we want to look fashionable not because we want to look scary, right? These glow-in-the-dark lenses are not at all happening!

Stitches Contact Lens
stitches contact lens
It gives me a patient kind of a feel. Imagine having the stitches in your eyes. Shit! It is whacky!

Union Jack Contact Lens
union jack contact lens
You love your country, we respect that! But does that mean you have to put your country’s flag in your eyes. It is a very weird idea.

Jagged Teeth Contact Lens
jagged teeth contact lens
They are fierce! And until and unless you are not slightly off the hook, I am sure you will never want something like this.

Zebra Contact Lens
zebra contact lens
After the cats and the dragons, here come the zebras. Well, I really want to meet the person who made the zebra designed lenses, they are pointless!

Mirror Contact Lens
mirror contact lens
Have the image of your favorite star or any other thing imprinted on your eyeballs with these mirror contact lenses. Well, I find the idea quite weird, what about you?

Color Burst Contact Lens
color burst contact lens
Wasn’t one red color or a single orange color irritating enough that we multi-colored contact lens too! I find them disgusting!


Vania Moreira said...

I loved the Mickey Mouse one! But the others are phantasma­goric!!!

Anonymous said...

HA, I just bought a pair of the blood reds...for halloween, mind you. I think that's what most of these are created for anyway, special occasions. And err..."female orgasm symbol?" It's justa female gender sign.

ravi said...

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Anonymous said...

Did you have anything decent or constructive to say about any of the lenses?! all I read was negative! I love the cat eyes and the glow in the darks! now if they only had both in one!

Anonymous said...

Ha. all you did was insults. this wasn't a very good list at all. a lot of them are super impressive. & i've worn some of these, & they look super sexy. haha.

Rich Mann said...


Glad to see something creative on people rather than most of the boring tattoos people think are trendy these days, especially during Halloween!

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Holy Shit said...

You are so stupid, none of this is informative at all. Your opinions are unresearched and uninformed, you just make an ass out of yourself when you type. A lot of these images aren't contacts at all.. just photo manipulation! Apparently you have no idea what that means.
Some of the contacts here are used for theatrical purposes, it doesnt matter what you think of as "useless", some people do use them for costuming purposes.
You should do the world a favor and delete this completely retarded post.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're taking this way too seriously, why are you so offended by the idea of these wacky contact lenses?

Instead of trying to humiliate the people who wear them, why don't you try to depict special occasions for them? You're not at all being liberal or constructive with your criticism.

I imagine you're not a journalist, but please, this post could offend the people who wears them and turn people away from this side.

I will, personally, never wear contact lenses because I'm happy with my eye color, the only other reason would be to improve my vision, in which case I'll get the proper ones.

I'm just saying you shouldn't jump on your horse so quickly, it really makes you seem like an angry child.

alex said...

Does anyone now where i can buy the Mirror Tinted contacts? It would be perfect for my biking marathons, I wouldn't need sunglasses anymore if I can find those.

Anonymous said...

Umm, just so you know, my actual eye colour is like the colour burst contact lenses ¬.¬ so thanks for saying they're disguising.

Usman Malik said...

Nice one...
Chek it out thats amazing just like that...

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