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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coolest and Creative Furniture Design

Beautiful “Wave” Desk
  unusual desk "Wave" designed by Georgia-based designer and craftsman Robert Brou. The design of the Wave includes standart two tower with folders but the rest is amazing
 Bright and Positive Furniture from Matali Crasset 
 bright and positive furniture called “Quand jim se relaxe” from Paris-based industrial designer Matali Crasset. Made in multi-ply birch and natural leather, “Quand jim se relaxe” is an original ensemble composed of a sofa chair and footrest.
Creative Coffee Tables from Svilen Gamolov 
 This incredibly awesome furniture was designed by industrial designer from Bulgaria Svilen Gamolov.

Little Black Dresser
This gorgeous piece of furniture is art! It was designed by Vancouver based artist Judson Beaumont and called the Little Black Dresser. It looks like classic little black dress and even uses hanger to be installed into interior. Extravagant and beautiful decoration of your home interior!  
Creative Concept – TIE Lounge Chair
interesting concept of chair created by industrial designer from Bulgaria Velichko Velikov and called TIE Lounge Chair. As you might notice that these chairs look like ties. Have to say it’s clever idea.
Horned Furniture from Michel Haillard
Furniture from Michel Haillard featured in this post causes mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is striking in its concept, quality of performance, its luxury eventually. On the other hand there is an idea that this furniture is from hell. To produce all this infernal furniture were used the most drastic materials starting from crocodile and ostrich skin and ending with horns and tusks of wild animals
Coffee Tables Concepts from Svilen Gamolov
It’s much more pleasant to enjoy a cup of coffee served on a stylish coffee table. Svilen Gamolov from Bulgaria decided to extend the standart frameworks and came up with original modern designs for the coffee gatherings. Unusual forms, rotating elements, stylish design will create indelible impressions about your coffee party
Gorgeous and Stylish Chair R15
Chair R 15 created by Design-bureau “Redo Studio” is specially for those who prefer a free style, to-date at all times and anywhere in the world. Wide and deep seat, soft, like inflatable, arm rests rescue it from the shackles of standard rectangular lines.
LED Light and Armchair
In modern life it became very important for furniture to be compact and to have several various functions. Like this unique furniture “Light and armchair” which was found at LED-Emotionalize. It have two functions. First one is LED lamp – calm light can be used both as a night lamp and as a lamp for reading. The second function is armchair and at the same time bookshelf
Contemporary Furniture from Peter Rolfe
This unique sculptural furniture by Peter Rolfe.

Mini Kitchen
This mini kitchen created by the New Zealand company Compact Concepts. It occupies area of only 1.8 square meters and includes everything you might need in the kitchen – refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, coffee maker, electric stove and sink. Also there is a great choice of colors and additional accessories


Padded said...

Good its interesting Very wood work amazing colors used. i love it

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Vania Moreira said...

I loved the mini kitchen!

meganmatthew said...

Really gorgeous furniture. I like LED like armchair. I am sure that It is really too much expensive. I can't wait to get this type of chair.
shabby chic furniture

Rama Wood Crafts Private Limited said...

Very interesting led light and arm chair thank for sharing.
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