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Friday, April 16, 2010

20 most luxurious carbon fiber creations

Carbon fiber products seem to be getting all the attention these days. Though the major carbon fiber application is being touted to be auto accessories, we have seen its use in a wide range of products. Carbon fiber is being used more than often these days in the creation of luxurious and designer gadgets. It is turning out to be the USP for most of the products. Here is a treat for all the carbon fiber fanatics. Check out our picks for the top 20 luxurious carbon fiber creations after the jump…

1. Tag Heuer’s C-Flex eyeglass framestag huer cflex
Tag Heuer’s C-Flex eyeglass frame is made of lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber with fixtures from titanium in a flexible design. More here.
2. G3 Carbon Fiber Briefcaseg3 carbon fiber case
Carry your million dollar treaties and other business documents in style with this G3 Carbon Fiber Briefcase from designer Nikola Knezevic. The carbon attaché case is intense on style with its sexy curves. More here.
3. Nokia 8800 Carbon Artenokia 8800 carbon arte
Engineered from carbon fiber, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is for individuals who appreciate uncompromised high performance. More here.
4. Mercedes-Benz Carbon Fiber Bikemercedez bike
This Carbon Bike was the highlight of the 2006 Bike Collection from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH. Thanks to its ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber frame, this bike weighs in at a mere 8.3 kilograms. More here.
5. Carbon Fiber Celloluisandclark
This cello is made entirely of carbon fiber by a company called Luis and Clark. The Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello has a single-piece body, neck and peg box with no scroll at the top, and is designed to withstand the effects of temperature and humidity. More here.
6.Carbon Fiber Chess and Backgammon setcarbon fiber chess set
If you love playing chess and backgammon, you need to take a look at the carbon fiber chess set and backgammon set made up of Renault Formula One racecar bits, including the suspension, hubs, uprights and wings. More here.
7. Carbon Fiber Baby Seatcar baby seat
Designed by Rory Craig of the Art Center College of Design, this carbon fiber baby car seat will surely appeal to racing enthusiast fathers. This is not an official Sparco product, but an intelligent prototype developed as a Sparco product. More here.
8. Delta7 Ascend Bikedelta ascend bike
What makes the Delta7 Ascend Bike tougher than all others is the carbon-fiber usage which makes it ten times stronger than a conventional steel frame. Every inch of the $12,000 price tag is justified. More here.
8. Carbon Fiber Golf Caddymantis golf caddy
The carbon fiber MANTIS luxury caddy is light, stable and very easy to use. The materials and the make have been adapted to suit the requirements of the sporting golfer. More here.
10.. Hermes Carbon Fiber Briefcasehermes briefcase
The carbon fiber briefcase from the house of Hermes speaks of style, sleekness and lavishness. It has a carbon fiber outer casing, tan leather inner lining and handle, 18K gold plated locks and classic styling. More here.
11. Ralph Lauren’s dining chairralph lauren silver dining chair
The iconic Ralph Lauren dining chair enjoys contemporary looks with a touch of simplicity. The finish is automotive clear coat lacquer and carbon fiber has been used in the making. More here.
12. Morel’s Fat Lady Loudspeakersmorel fat lady speakers
Carrying a $20,000 price tag, the speakers are made of an outer layer of carbon-fiber composite used in racing cars and jets with an inside fiberglass enhanced layer. More here.
13. Pagani’s Carbon Fiber Home Audio Systempagani audio system
The sleek sleek polished aluminum and carbon fiber stereo system by Pagani features the Zonda four-pipe exhaust system inspired bass tubes that lie at the bottom of the twin 350 watt tower speakers. More here.
14. Special edition Henk suitcasehenk suitcase
The brainchild of Dutchman Henk van de Meene, the Henk suitcase touts a carbon-fiber exterior very similar to the cockpit of a Formula 1 racecar. Stunningly, it features 500 separate component parts for a start, including 22 moving parts. Moreover, they have been festooned with red Italian burl, black Madagascar ebony, horse hair, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, parachute fabric and the finest leathers. More here.
15. Carbon Fiber Black Hole Tableblack hole carbon fiber table
This table by renowned industrial designer Marc Newson is entirely made up of carbon fiber. The Black Hole Table takes the abstract concept to an all new high by sporting only three legs instead of the conventional four leg design. More here.
16. Carbon Fiber Ducati 999Sducati 999s
If you are a passionate biker and have a lot of money, then this is the one that tickles the beast inside you. The maximum tuning of carbon fiber Ducati 999S has been done by BeFaster, one of the most famous motorbike tuning specialists in Germany. More here.
17. Tramontana R Editiontramontana
This carbon fiber V12 Monster has both the body and the chassis based on lightweight materials - carbon fiber and aluminum. The car is fitted with light carbon fiber wheels and the overall design looks so stunning. More here.
18.Pagani Zonda F Cinquepagani zonda cinque
The Zonda F Cinque is essentially a Zonda F in Cinque colors and it features carbon fiber and silver exterior. The Pagani press release says that it will make use of the carbon-titanium, a special fiber purposely created for the Zonda Cinque. More here.
19. Speed Triple Carbon sports bikespeed_triple_carbon
The Triumph Speed Triple bike has already earned itself a name in the streetfighter class, and lately, the company has introduced a new edition to their current range in the form of the Speed Triple Carbon Limited Edition bike. More here.
20. Carbon Fiber Lotus Elisecarbon fiber lotus elise
Originally owned by Jimmy Wong, the 02 Type 72 JP model features a fully custom carbon fiber body. The car modification includes both the outer as well as the inner body of the car. Complete customization work of the car took about six months to give it the final touch. More here.


Carbon Fiber Hoods MR2 said...

Ok, I love carbon fiber, but the price tag on some of these carbon fiber products is insane, 13k for a breifcase? When you can get a carbon fiber vented hood for a car for $400USD. That breifcase better be dry carbon and the highest quality for such a demanding price. Also, not the kind of briefcase to be showing off in a 3rd world airport! This reminds me of the outrageous amounts of money women spend on purses, it's sorta like the same thing except for men in this case.

matun said...

I found this carbon fiber laptop briefcase
It is really cool with high level of protection and functionality.

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