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Saturday, April 3, 2010

12 amazing creations made from computer chips and circuit boards

Artists have their own passion for creating oddities that they know will definitely impress. We have seen people coming up with amazing creations from electronic waste and here we have 12 amazing creations made from discarded computer chips and circuit boards. Hit the jump to see the beauty of the rejected chips and circuit board creations.

1. Circuit Egg
circuit egg
This 7-foot-tall sculpture created by Brazilian artists Adriana Varella and Nilton Maltz bleds technology and art together. Installed in 2005 at Lytton Plaza in Palo Alto, the Circuit Egg is made using recycled circuit board.
2. Gabriel Dishaw’s funky Nike shoe
gabriel dishaws funky nike shoe
Recycle, reduce and reuse is what we have been listening to for quite some time now. Gratifying the logo is Gabriel Dishaw with Nike-inspired Frankenstein Terminators junk art, a shoe made from circuit boards.
3. Mono Lisa from motherboards and chips
mono lisa from motherboards and chips
Proving that junk art isn’t a legacy of the sculptors alone, Asus has put some dead motherboards and chips together to create what is considered an unsolved mystery in art – the Mono Lisa.
4. Solar panels from computer chips
solar panels from computer chips
IBM has come up with an ingenious idea of creating solar panels from waste computer chips. Each chip has tiny bit of silicon on it that can be used to make solar panels. IBM estimates that 3 million silicon wafers are sent to landfills annually, which if transformed to solar panels can power 6,000 homes.
5. Circuit-board jewelry
circuit board necklace
Christoph Koch has designed contemporary jewelry using circuit boards. The designer created two chic circuit-board necklaces, making a great fashion statement.
6. Photo-frame from recycled circuit board
photo frame from recycled circuit board
It’s unimaginable how the parts that were made to head for the landfill has taken an elegant place in your bed room or drawing room desktop! This attractive photo frame is made from recycled circuit board.
7. Fabio Renaldo’s computer chip dress
fabio renaldos computer chip dress
For the Eco Chic fashion shows in Jakarta a designer collected discarded computer chips and shaped it into a beautifudress. Fabio Renaldo has balanced the heaviness of the shimmery metal and light flow of the silky material perfectly.
8. Circuit board bench
circuit board bench
Did you ever imagine that circuit board could be good to sit too? Well, this circuit board bench exemplifies that. Not only does it look durable and comfortable, but also aesthetically pleasing.
9. Eco-Green Clock
eco green clock
Done at the TEcoArt, this Eco-Green Clock wears a mirror-finished disk platter with hour and minute hands and a zigzag second hand over a circuit board base.
10. Wild life out of circuit board
wild life out of circuit board
Brenda Guyton has breathed new life into computer circuit boards and chips. The artist has beautifully transformed computers parts that are considered nothing more than waste into unique sculptures like Jack the jack rabbit, K-9 a good dog and guanagator.
11. High-tech dinosaur
high tech dinosaur
Bringing the memories of the dinosaurs back to life is the High-tech dinosaur. This sculpture brings the discarded circuit boards into life. Not only does it divert trash from ending up in landfills, but also exemplifies beauty.
12. Clocks and lighting from computer circuit:
clocks and lighting from computer circuit
Clocks, accessories, decorative items and chic lightings, all under one roof. And what are they made of? Circuit boards and chips…Isn’t that wonderful. Each piece is exceptionally beautiful and green.

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