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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moving houses: Living on wheels!

At HomeQN, we love to introduce our readers to incredible housing structures. First the amazing stone houses, then the Glass houses and today, we are here with the houses on wheels. Mobility is something which is most talked about in today’s gadgetry world. Dwellings are no longer behind in the battle of mobility and offer a truly progressive living. Home on wheels hit the list when we talk about the mobility and portability. Here are some of the best moving houses.

 Raleigh house on wheels
raleigh house on wheels
Raleigh house on wheels is an affordable and portable housing for an urban living. Well, does not have much to say about, but the house on wheels is certain to propagate a new lifestyle.

martin house to go
The tiny house is designed by Julie Martin after Hurricane Katrina where they lost everything. A house on wheel is a long cabin which can be used for primary residence and even as a vacation home or a guest house. The portable house with the starting price of $29,900 is quite an affordable property to purchase.

 Vodafone mobile home
vodafone mobile home
The Vodafone mobile home is designed by Waskman and Culdesac Studio not only to promote their wireless and fixed phone connections, but also is an elegant housing which comes with beautiful interiors. The house features the main living room, a kitchen station, dining space and other units and the upper floor comprises a low ceiling bedroom. The house is made from white polyethylene panels and transparent polycarbonate and runs on four wheels.

 House on wheels
house on wheels
The small house on wheels sits on a parking lot. However, its elegant architecture makes it an eye catching property that anyone will enjoy to live in.

 Beverly Hill’s home on wheels
beverly hill houseonwheels
The house is thought to have been owned by the Beverly Hill Billies. The house with the antique style architecture offers beautiful interiors and makes it a portable house to move anywhere.

 Victorian home on wheels
victorain home on wheels
The house is built on the architecture based on the traditional style house. The house looks pleasingly appealing with its beautiful structural design which makes it look something different from the others.

 Rolling huts
rolling huts
Designed by Tom Kundig, Rolling huts are designed keeping in view the effect on environment. The mobile home is made from steel clad box that sits on a steel and wood platform that extends the structure with 240 square feet of covered deck space. The interiors are made with cork and plywood.

 Moving wheel house
house moving 2
Moving wheel house can be moved from place to place which allow having different views of the landscape. The Moving wheel house is one such dwelling which not only offers a shelter but also an opportunity to move from one place to other.

 Derek’s home on wheel
dereks house on wheels
Derek’s home on wheels is a low cost housing which is not only affordable but also stylish dwelling for your contemporary living. The house looks stunning from its exterior and the interiors are well furnished.

 Austria car house
austria car house
Looking at the downturn in the property and auto industry, an auto freak designs a housecarfor residential purpose. The house features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house is reasonably priced and an amazing residence for the auto freaks.


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