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Saturday, February 27, 2010

20 Ugliest Celebrities

1.Michael Jackson 

Did you really expect anyone else? Michael Jackson used to be a successful black singer, but took it upon himself to destroy his face and reputation. He now looks like an albino alien whose nose appears to change on a daily basis. Just goes to show you what can happen if you are too critical of your looks... you can end up an albino alien like Mike.

10 Mind-Blowing Crazy Hair Styles

While I was searching over the web for hair cut ideas ans hair styles. I come across number of a very strange crazy hair cuts ides.
People act wierd many times, some people wear strange clothes, put strange make-up and do many strnag stuff. One of the most wierd images I have ever seen are for strnage hair cut styles that I doubt any of you can do it  So, I want to share with you these crazy hair cut styles ideas and I would love to hear your funny comments.

Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Harry Potter tattoos from die hard fans

I’m a Harry Potter fan, I read all the books, most of them the day they where released. I saw all the movies on the big screen and later on DVD. But there is a whole fan base out there that are really hard core fans, so much they have a Harry Potter related tattoo. Now I don’t shy away from tattoos, I have one myself but I don’t think I am a fan of anything so much as to get a tattoo of the object of my fanaticism.
1. The Golden Snitch
By capturing the Golden Snitch the team wins the Quiditch match.

Some More Geeky Images from Space

Space is full of images that make a geek’s heart flutter. But how about when we point those cameras back down at us on Earth?
Google Earth has created a treasure trove of geeky images. Here are some of my favorites.

The Davis-Monthan Air Force base

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is a key Air Combat Command installation. The 355th Wing is the host unit providing medical, logistical, and operational support to all assigned units. The wing's missions are to train A-10 and OA-10 pilots and to provide A-10 and OA-10 close support and forward air control to ground forces worldwide. The wing is also tasked to provide command, control, and communications countermeasures in support of tactical forces with its EC-130H aircraft and, employing the EC-130E aircraft, provide airborne command, control, and communications capabilities for managing tactical air operations in war and other contingencies worldwide.The airplane graveyard in Arizona is operated by the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group

12 Crazy Celebrity Tattoos

Why would anyone want to get Britney's worst phase permanently on their skin? Luckily for Britney, hair grows back; unfortunately for the owner of this tattoo, ink is forever. (Link)

10 of the World's Smallest Animals

World’s Smallest Dog: 12.4 cm (4.9-inch) tall
At 1.4 pounds and 4.9 inches tall, Ducky, a yappy short-coat Chihuahua from Charlton (Massachusetts, USA), holds the Guinness World Record for the world's smallest living dog (by height). Ducky succeeds Danka Kordak of Slovakia, a Chihuahua who measured 5.4 inches tall. The smallest dog ever, according to Guinness, was a dwarf Yorkshire terrier who stood 2.8 inches tall. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 Amazing Hybrid Animals

1.Zebroid = Zebra + Equine
A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine: essentially, a zebra hybrid. In most cases, the sire is a zebra stallion. Offspring of a donkey sire and zebra mare, called a zebra hinny, do exist but are rare. Zebroids have been bred since the 19th century.The zebroid showed in the picture above, Eclyse, is a very unusual one, because of her coloring. With her ├╝ber distinct makings, it's really hard not think she's a Photoshop mock-up.

15 of the World's Greatest Living Rocks

The practice of creating buildings, sculptures or monuments by carving natural rock is called 'Rock-cut architecture,' a tradition with over 5000 years. Some famous, others little known, meet some of the most breathtaking works created from the 'living rock.'

1.Great Sphinx of Giza (Egypt) 
A reclining lion with a human head that stands on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile, near modern-day Cairo, is the largest monolith statue in the world. Standing 73.5 m (241 ft) long, 6 m (20 ft) wide, and 20 m (65 ft) high, the Great Sphinx of Giza is also the oldest known monumental sculpture, and is commonly believed to have been built by ancient Egyptians in the third millennium BCE. The Great Sphinx faces due east and houses a small temple between its paws.

15 Coolest Google Earth Finds

Dubbed the "Badlands Guardian" by locals, this geological marvel (Google Earth coordinates 50.010083,-110.113006) in Alberta, Canada, bears an uncanny resemblance to a human head wearing a full Native American headdress--and earphones, to boot. Of course, The Guardian was produced naturally. (Link | Photo)

15 Funny and Creative 404 Error Pages

Whenever you click on a link that doesn't exist anymore, you get the famous "404 – Page Not Found" error message. It can be truly annoying, unless it's delivered with sense of humor and creativity. Meet fifteen of the most creative 404 pages from around the web.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

10 Unbelievable Prison Breaks

1.Pascal Payet: escaped from jail using a helicopter three times!

Pascal Payet, AKA Kalashnikov Pat, was originally jailed for a murder occurred during a botched robbery on a security van, and was sentenced in 2001 to thirty years, yet managed to escape three times by helicopter! The last time, in July 2007, a hijacked Squirrel helicopter --along with its pilot, from the glamorous resort of Cannes half an hour earlier-- landed on the penitentiary's roof, from where three heavily armed men set off in search of Payet. He was lifted off the roof by the masked accomplices. After landing near the Mediterranean Sea, the pilot was released, and Payet and his accomplices have since disappeared. (Link | Photo)

Elite Rock Climbing: Extreme Adventures From The Edge

The points of view in these photographs came from and are copyrighted by Simon Carter, an amazingly talented climber with a camera who captures both the sports action and the spectacular settings.

Rock climbing is all about balance, but creativity and concentration are also required. Climbing is a physically challenging and a mentally demanding sport. It will test your endurance as you climb to your goal, the summit. So have a plan, focus, keep going, hang in there and don’t let go. Rock climbing will take you to a new level of awareness of the natural world around you, taking you to breathtakingly beautiful places as you discover new aspects about yourself. This dangerous sport also requires trust; when you fall, and you will fall, you have to trust your climbing partner completely with your life. Bonus, adrenaline adventures will be found. At the top you will want to raise your arms in victory and woot your win!

Metro Cities from outer space

Antwerp in Belgium, like many European cities, displays a characteristic network of roads that radiate outwards like glowing spider webs

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Top 10 Biggest Mafias Around the world

Mafia refers to secretive groups involved in organized crimes spread over a lot of countries. They are usually referred to by the name of the country they originated in and the majority of members will be of this nationality. They usually aspire to have a monopoly over illegal activities like drugs, firearm trafficking, etc. This is an article about the mafia groups and their activities. They are listed in an increasing order of their influence in the world.

10. Jamaican-British Yardies

Jamaican-British Yardies were the Jamaicans who immigrated to Britain in 1950s. They were involved in gang violence and got to be known as Yardies. They conduct organized crimes like drug trade and other gun crimes. They haven’t tried infiltrating the law enforcement system so they aren’t considered to be as strong as other mafia groups. All the crimes involve the use of firearms the use of which is strictly controlled in Britain.

Top 10 Spooky Travel Destinations

Travel is one of the most popular pastimes during holiday seasons but why not spice up your next trip by having a theme: a spooky travel theme. This list looks at ten of the scariest places on the face of the earth (many of which are unlikely to be known to the average person). Be sure to name any others you think worthy of inclusion in the comments.
European Ossuaries
An ossuary is a chest, building, well, or site made to serve as the final resting place of human skeletal remains. They are frequently used where burial space is scarce. All over Europe ossuaries can be found and – fortunately for those of us with a love of the macabre – visited. Perhaps the most famous is the Catacombs of Paris which are a vast network of skeleton lined caverns beneath the streets of Paris. The photograph above comes from Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, a church in Rome, Italy, commissioned by Pope Urban VIII in 1626. The remains of over 4,000 friars can be viewed there. Some of the skeletons are intact and draped with Franciscan habits (as above), but for the most part, individual bones are used to create elaborate ornamental designs. This is but one of the many amazing (and spooky) ossuaries you can visit. You can view a large photo gallery and read more about ossuaries here. Be sure to check out the enormous human skeleton chandelier

Top 10 Unbelievable Miniatures

There was once an excellent collection of miniatures displayed in a Southern California themepark (not Disneyland) that was known as Mott’s Miniatures. Sadly, that marvelous collection has been auctioned out to others and all that remains is a poor substitute, by way of photos, on the Mott’s website. The readers at ListVerse have a hunger for the odd and unusual, yet there is no list here that covers the subject of miniatures. This list is a salute to the world of the tiny, both man-made and those that nature has seen fit to create.

Through the eye of a needle
The pinnacle of handmade miniatures would have to be sculptures that are smaller than the eye of a needle. The hands down master of the art currently is Willard Wigan MBE. An artist who started his career at only 5 years old when he decided to start building homes for ants, he has continued to impress the world with his micro creations, the artist is often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Wigan works primarily through the night, as even traffic noise from outside can destroy a piece he is working on. Using micro tools on a microscopic work field, he must control not only his pulse rate, but his breathing, as he has inhaled a few of his masterpieces, due to a poorly timed inhale.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Top 10 Mythical Creatures

We have all heard or read stories about mythical creatures – either from ancient Greek stories or more modern tales. This is the list of the most well known mythical creatures. As always, if you want to add more, use the comments at the bottom of the page.
1. Griffin (or Gryphon) [Wikipdia]
The griffin is normally characterised as a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. It was thought to be a particularly strong creature as the lion is the king of beasts and the eagle is the king of birds. In ancient times it was considered the protector of the divine. The creature was seen in civilisations as early as the Minoan civilisation (2700BC to 1450 BC).

Top 10 Bizarre Festivals

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival (celebrated mostly by Tamils) held in January/February each year to celebrate the birth of Murugan (the son of gods Shiva and Parvati). The participants shave their heads and perform a pilgrimage, at the end of which they shove very sharp skewers through their tongues or cheeks. Some of the practitioners put hooks into their back and pull heavy objects like tractors. The aim is to cause as much pain as possible – the more you endure, the more “blessings” you receive from the gods. The festival is popular in India, but the largest celebrations take place in Singapore and Malaysia, where it is a public holiday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

10 Horrifying Premature Burials

Being buried prematurely is one of the most terrifying of all fears. Edgar Allan Poe wrote about it and it has been the subject matter of many horror movies. Surprisingly real life cases of this terrible mistake are more common than one might think. Years ago when embalming wasn’t as common and because of inferior medical equipment to detect life there are numerous cases where people have had the terrifying experience of regaining consciousness in their own coffin. This list includes 10 such cases. Some sources for the list are from newspaper articles or journals and include the exact text which gives you a feeling of the time period. Another main source used for this list is a book written in 1905 called Premature Burial and How it May be Prevented which includes several actual cases of premature burials.

10.Virginia Macdonald
Virginia Macdonald lived with her father in New York City and became ill, died, and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. After the burial, her mother declared her belief that the daughter was not dead when buried and persistently asserted her belief. The family tried in vain to assure the mother of the death of her daughter. Finally the mother insisted so strenuously that her daughter was buried alive the family consented to have the body taken up. To their horror, they discovered the body lying on the side, the hands badly bitten, and every indication of a premature burial.
Interesting Fact: When the Les Innocents cemetery in Paris, France was moved from the center of the city to the suburbs the number of skeletons found face down convinced many people and several doctors that premature burial was very common.

Top 10: Sin Cities

No.1 - Pattaya, Thailand

From “happy ending” massage parlors, brothels, go-go bars, and cabarets with transsexuals to ping-pong dancing theatrics, everything is on display at this beachside resort city. Sex is the No. 1 activity (it’s called “entertainment” in Thai), and if you can imagine any variation, you’ll probably find it on Walking Street, a hub in South Pattaya. While you’re walking, prostitutes will call out to you and some will likely try to pull you into their brothel for services. If you’re tired of sex shows, however, you can always sit down to watch guys beat each other to a pulp in a Thai boxing match hosted at the outdoor bars. Since the city is right on the beach, you can sleep off your hangover and sin from the night before and get a tan -- just in time for the next evening’s “entertainment.” 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 Craziest Hotels in the World

Capsule Hotel, Netherlands: a hotel made out of a survival pod

Your own survival pod! Escape pod hotel in a city centre dock location. Moored in The Hague , your room is a bright orange survival pod which once saw service on an oil rig platform. Originally built in 1972 they are 4.25 metres in diameter and unaltered apart from the addition of a lock on the outside and an ‘emergency' chemical toilet inside. While not everyone's luxury choice, each pod provides cosy protection from the elements for up to three occupants.

First created for accommodation as an art project in 2004, owner Denis Oudendijk has 8 different models ready for use and is currently working on additional locations in central Amsterdam and Nantes , France .

Here are the top 10 of the most favorite Dog Breeds for 2009.

The Shih Tzu is a dog breed which originated in China. The name is both singular and plural. The spelling “Shih Tzu”, most commonly used for the breed, is according to the Wade-Giles system of romanization.

The Shih Tzu is reported to be the oldest and smallest of the Tibetan holy dogs, its vaguely lion-like look being associated with the Tibetan Snowlion. The Shih Tzu therefore also has the nickname “Tibetan temple dog”.

6 extraordinarily stubborn 'nail houses

above: carl friedrickson's defiant 'nail house' in up [source]

near the start of up (pixar's latest gold-plated effort) we come to learn that carl fredricksen's house, or the land beneath it more specifically, is in demand by hungry developers due to its location amongst a sea of half-built, multistorey building projects, a fact that seems to make him all the more reluctant to let go of the nest he made with his late wife regardless of the offer slapped on the table. the result, until the house floats away at least, is the depressing but somehow uplifting landscape in the picture above. 

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