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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Most buzz-worthy luxury brand collaborations of 2011

In the year 2011, which has virtually drawn to a close now, saw many designer brands join hands together to create limited edition products towards the targeted elite. Whether it were the cars, watches, electronics, or bar equipment, the designer giants produced master piece collectibles, much to the pride of the owners who have managed to pay the premium prices and have received an increment in their pride. This following list points out to some of these partnerships in various segments of limited edition offerings:

1) Bell & Ross and Harley Davidson

Product: The Nascafe Racing bike
Bell & Ross have long mastered the art of haute horologie creations, with their interest primarily inclined towards aeronautics, especially fighter planes. Harley Davidson on the other hand, is perhaps the most celebrated brand for designer motorcycles, mainly because of the advanced technology, and the cutting edge designs. Together they joined hands for the Nescafe racer bike, which was built on the theme of the classic racing bikes, characterized by their exposed thick tyres. The bike featured extensive metal and leather work on the body, especially the exposed engine which showed the brass coated and polished steel finished pipes. Other additions included the carbon BR 01 timepiece on the central console, with the FXSTB Softail Nightrain, just to name a few.

2) Mobiado & Aston Martin

Product: luxury mobile handset series
When luxury watch maker Mobiado joined hands with British luxury car maker Aston Martin, they created the perfect synergy of style and technology with the new mobile handset series. Using exotic metals like yellow gold and platinum, these handsets were created keeping in mind the styling quotient of the Aston Martin cars, and even used the watch making technology by fitting in 2 mechanical watches in each of the handsets.

3) Johnnie Walker and Porsche Design Studio

Product: Blue label private bar
Produced in a limited edition run of 10 units only, Johnie Walker and Porsche Design studio joined hands to create the Blue private bar, which stands as the blend combo of British luxury lifestyle. Modern yet classic and precise, these bars were made with brushed finished titanium, and leather and were also given their own set of equipment. This included the unique whiskey glasses, ice bowl, water jug, and also the 2 bottles of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey. Using advanced technology just like the Porsche cars, this personal bar set included motion sensors which would allow the bar to open up on the side of the user to reveal its luxurious interiors, and the 3 bottles of Johnie Walker inside, along with the glasses contained inside.

4) Tumi & Mini Cooper

Product: Special edition Mini Cooper car
One of the rare few in the segment, but this time luggage bag manufacturers Tumi and BMW’s Mini-Cooper joined hands to create a limited edition series of Mini Cooper cars, meant for the discerning rich traveler. Featuring a unique paint scheme on the body, the car will be made in a station-wagon design, which shall give travelers the extra space needed to store their baggage during long journeys. Actually this is a combination of the Clubman and Cooper S versions of the car, albeit with Tumi inspired paint job on the car silhouette.

5) Hublot & Ferrari

Product: Big Bang Ferrari Tourbillon watch for China
In collaboration between a luxury watch brand and an equally celebrated automobile brand, a limited edition series of watches were created, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari tourbillon, targeted at the Chinese buyers. Produced with only 20 pieces worldwide, this watch used the similar grade of fabrics used in Ferrari F1 cars, i.e. carbon fiber, with the unique chequered pattern along the body. Featuring a HUB 6300 mechanical movement, the engine of the watch is known to have 260 components of various sizes, 35 of which are jewels. Even the casing of the watch was done with red tinted sapphire crystal, known for the high corrosion and anti-reflective properties. The occasion for unveiling of this special timepiece, was the 20th anniversary of Ferrari in China.

6) Bianchi & Gucci

Product: Bianchi by Gucci limited edition bicycle
When 2 Italian design masters come on a common platform, nothing short of the extraordinary can be expected. Same was the case with the Bianchi by Gucci limited edition bicycles, which were given 2 different faces for different riders. The white edition featured a single speed design, with Gucci leather work on the handle bar and body frame, along with the customary 3 color stripes in the top bar. The other edition was the 11-speed carbon fiber edition that was meant for real heavy and rough biking, and featured some extensive black leather seating. Accessories included the colored matched helmet, signature kit gloves, and even a water bottle.

7) Global Bright Group & Porsche Design Studio

Product: World largest outdoor LED TV
Using the expertise of the Global Bright Group in consumer electronics, with the designing finesse and premium quality of Porsche Design Studio, was created what is now the world’s largest outdoor LED TV, targeted at that those who wish watch movies in the outdoor space. In an equally captivating way of casting its magic, the TV emerges from within the ground rather silently until it goes to the zenith of its height, and then starts to play video content to a considerable large audience, gauging by its sheer size. The rather interesting and handy fact was it all was waterproof which means that if there is any sudden instance of rain or excess moisture in the air, it wouldn’t be a problem playing it on open venues. The TV went on made-to-order sale from September 2011. 

8) Garia & Mansory

Product: Garia Mansory Golf cart
With the Dutch expertise at making golf carts and leisure vehicles through Garia, and customization expertise of brands like Rolls Royce thorough Mansory, came the special edition gold cart which could well be tagged as the most luxurious in the world. Using carbon fiber to carve out a sporty and light weight body, this golf cart used rare teak varieties for lining, in order to bring it a niche products’ look. Even the headlights of this leisure vehicle were made according to the latest trend in the auto industry. It is currently available in a street legal & non-street legal version.

9) Linley & Bentley

Product: Special edition Bentley Continental Flying Spur
In a year which saw the Chinese making themselves felt on the luxury lifestyle market, Bentley wasn’t to stay behind in the race of luxury brands to create special edition cars for them. With the help of customization expertise of British designing firm, Linley, Bentley created a series of 10 Continental Flying Spur models, targeted specially towards Chinese buyers. Since customization is the forte of the brand, Bentley ensured it included extremely rare varieties of fabric like single-pattern polished Oakwood used on the central control panel, side door panels, and even the dashboard of the vehicle. Carefully handcrafted, there were several add-ons such as a cashmere wool blanket, luggage tag, and even a special edition leather bag for the 10 elite customers.

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