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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Most Strange and Unique theme parks

We all like to go to theme parks because of the excite rides, indulging arcades, welcoming cartoon characters, and challenging games. The Disney Land, Wet ‘n’ Wild, and Six Flags all are famous throughout the world for their these features offering fun and entertainment.
But, now a days, the theme parks are not confined to these aspects only. In fact, they tend to be completely different by offering some strange or laughing scenes as well as bizarre rides. You will agree with this after you go through the following top 10 strange theme parks.

Diggerland – England
This is the theme park where you need to operate construction vehicles and machines. Spread in four different locations, this is where you can see a caterpillar or a bobcat moving over the grass or dirt while driving. A unique adventure awaits you here via its 19 varied kid-welcoming rides. Believe it or not, all the rides here are built using the actual construction machines like cranes, diggers, and dump trucks. Further, what further add to your excitement are the dancing machines.
Alien Apex Resort – New Mexico
This is the home of aliens in Roswell, the place where possibly an UFO had crashed in 1947. Its aim is to take you on a trip of the world that is managed by the aliens. It is going to open in 2010 luckily. The center of attraction will be the ride of alien abduction. There will be also an exhibit hall where you can know anything about the extra-terrestrial life. Further, do not miss the Symbiosis show that will dramatically recreate the UFO incident via fireworks, music, and special effects.
Dickens World – England
This is where you will come across the portrayals of Mr. Charles Dickens representing the murky side of the industrial revolution. The theme park is situated in the Kent’s Chatham Dockyard and is packed with the memories of pestilence, ailments, dysentery, and the top world of Victorian England. And sadly, you will even see some starving orphans.
The Holy Land Experience – Florida
This is no less than a heaven in Orlando wherein the life at the time of Jesus is exhibited. Many life events of Lord Jesus are reenacted here including the crucifixion. Actually, the park’s aim is to make you feel the calm and holy life of the people in the ancient days when they used to reside at some Holy Land. You will find here a town replicating the old Jerusalem: several markets, a Temple, a Judean Village, and a Garden Tomb where Jesus was buried.
Grutas Park – Lithuania
Also known as the ‘Totalitarianism Park’ or ‘Stalin’s World’, this park is encircled by barbed wires and several watch towers. Established by Vilumas Malinauskas, this theme zone is the abode of some 100 statues of very popular Soviets such as Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Dzerzhinsky. To add some sense of child-friendliness and lightness to this gloomy park, a zoo full of peacocks as well as ostriches along with other animals is also present.
Bon Bon Land – Denmark
Welcome the fourth largest park of the nation! It is influenced by the Danish confectionary that is expert is forming candies having the shape of strange animals and things. There are some beautiful racy highlights, vomiting rodents, and rides like The Horse Dropping, The Crazy Turtle, and the Dog Fart Rollercoaster that takes you excitingly near the giant piles of dog poo where the speakers around emit fart sounds. But, still this park is family friendly, as it has all the expected fun and events – roller coasters, shows, rafting, and playgrounds.
Memory Village – Haiti
This is a historical park where all the visitors pass through the life of a slave. This means that the park aims at educating the public about the slavery and so, it is the first theme park of its kind on the planet. A participant is given the traditional attires of a slave and is then kidnapped, trapped, and impelled to slot in a slave ship. On the other hand, the other visitors are ‘sold’ and are laid on a plantation. After 12 hours are gone, the participants rebel and free themselves.
World Chocolate Wonderland – China
How it will be for you if you have to look at the Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors in chocolate? Well, to get the experience, come to this park. Opened in Jan 2010, this park boasts everything in chocolate using 176,000 pounds of this yummy treat. Many monumental and famous attractions are in chocolate here, all closed in a glass to avoid melting and biting by the visitors.
Shijingshan Amusement Park – China
Located in Beijing, this is an eerily themed park where all cartoon characters reside uniquely. Can you recall the Walt Disneyland park of Orlando? You can compare this Chinese park to Orlando Disney Park. At the entrance, you will come across the castle that is also at the Orlando’s park. You might feel that the characters here are imported from Orlando to Beijing. You might also feel that the characters are stolen, but this is obviously not true. They reflect those stated in the Grimm’s Fairy Tales.
Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi
This is a strange, but high tech park boasting roller coasters, an interactive museum, simulator rides, and a theatre for a play with Italian theme as well as a race track. This is among the leading luxury tourist destinations on the planet. You will surely admire this stunning process of converting a sand pit to a frolicking princess castle.

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