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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

World's hottest Barbie controversies

Barbie is the chic ideal among the young girls and a favorite toy of the little ones. This doll has had a fair share of controversies in her pocket. Be it the racial grounds or the religious ones, a Barbie had to deal it all. It has definitely not been an easy ride. Scroll down for the hottest Barbie controversies till date.
 Barbie Dolls ‘ Back To Basics’ Controversy
barbie dolls called back to basics 1
Parents were outraged with this collection known as the ‘Back to Basics’, as most of the dolls in it looked like porn stars, gold diggers and many other objectionable career women.

Controversial Barbie Scan Picture
controversial scan barbie picture 2
Half naked Barbie on the Xerox machine is actually a gross idea. I wonder who thought of taking this picture which created a lot of controversy among the elders.

Oreo Barbie Controversy
oreo barbie controversy 3
This was taken as a racial discrimination by the critics. The Oreo Barbie was the ‘black on the outside and white on the inside’ doll paired with the popular chocolate cookie.

Share A Smile Becky Wheelchair Controversy
share a smile becky weelchair controversy 4
A teenager suffering from cerebral palsy pointed out that the doll’s wheelchair did not fit into the elevator in the Barbie’s dream house. This was taken outrageously by the people and the company was very embarrassed.

Gangster Look Of Barbie Controversy
gangster look of barbie controversy 5
Barbie is supposed to be that delicate little girl which cannot even think of harming anyone, right? This picture where the doll is seen with a cigarette in the mouth and a pistol in the hand was indeed very scandalous.

Pregnant Midge Controversy
pregnant midge controversy 6
Midge was sold without her husband with a baby in the womb, it was something very immoral to be shown to children from the parents point of view.

Totally Stylin’ Barbie, Lower Back Tattoo Controversy
totally stylin tattoos barbie controversy 7
The tramp stamp on the lower back of the Totally Stylin’ Barbie created quite a buzz as the parents were not at all happy with this concept.

Breast Enhancing Skipper Controversy
breast expansion skipper barbie controversy 8
This was indeed the most controversial of all. Children could grow Barbie’s little sister, Skipper’s breasts and height by spinning a dial embedded in her back. Mattel wanted to teach the girls about puberty but parents took it as an offensive attempt.

Hijab Wearing Barbie Controversy
hijab wearing barbie controversy 9
Saudi religious authorities banned Barbie dolls from various Muslim countries when a Hijab wearing American doll came in the market. They took it as a serious religious offense.

Group Sex Barbie Controversial Picture
group sex barbie controversial picture 10
This was by far the most controversial picture ever taken of Barbie. The group sex act shown in the snap was highly inappropriate for the children.

Black Canary Barbie Controversy
black canary barbie controversy 11
The kinky fishnets, motorcycle jacket, black gloves and boots, Black Canary Barbie wore everything that was unacceptable. Christian religious groups termed this doll as filth.

Pregnant Teen Barbie Controversy
teen pregnancy barbie picture controversy 12
After the pregnant Midge controversy, a new teenage Barbie with a baby bump came into the market. Parents were outraged and they called it a medium for glamorizing teen pregnancy.

Black Barbie Controversy
black barbie controversy 16
This was again a racial controversy. This doll had fuller lips, a wider nose, distinct cheek bones and curlier hair but some still didn’t find it apt enough. Some found the Barbie tanned and others found her too black.

Sleepy Time Gal Barbie Diet Controversy
sleepytime gal barbie diet controversy 17
Pink pajamas, dressing gown and retro hairstyle, this Barbie has nothing controversial about it expect the dieting book she carried. This book had a page of advice with words like ‘Don’t Eat’ , written on it.

Cocaine Smelling Barbie Picture Controversy
cocaine smelling barbie picture controversy 15
Now this one is really controversial. Imagine Barbie, who is treated as an ideal among the young girls, smoking cocaine. Gross!

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