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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coolest and Weird Steampunk Gaming Mods

We all love Steampunk style and art. The best way to own something as cool as a Steampunk game console would be to build one yourself. But then not all of us can get down to the task, one – we aren’t all that apt, and two – who has all that time. Thus, it is good enough to leave the task for the experienced Steampunk artists who know the job. Here is the collection of  Steampunk gaming mods for you to appreciate or envy.

 Steampunk PS3 mod
ps3 case mod_bbfti_54
The Sony Playstation 3 received a Steampunk makeover from a sleek and black unit. Without the intrusion within, the modder got wood veneer finish trimmed with brass wedged onto the curved surface of the Sony delight. The wood veneer was the decorated with an old radio valve, a pipe valve, a pressure gauge, assorted brass plumbing parts and some trim and then it was finally varnished. The remaining shades of plastic were covered with Porter’s “Instant Rust” and the 3D Damnation logo fixed to suit the best. And this is how this charismatic PS3 mod was created.
ps3 steampunk mod_yanhz_54

Steampunk Monster Arcade

steampunk monster arcade_59zya_54
Created by Doug, a Steampunk fan with a fad for horror movies, this is a Dr. Victor Frankenstein Monster Arcade. The “MAME” arcade cabinet is created to live the nostalgia we carry for those arcade games on which we enjoyed playing video games, and giving us a chance to relive the gone days, that too in Steampunk style - wow, I am just floored.
steampunk monster arcade 1_pquum_54

Steampunk Style Xbox 360 Mod

steampunk style xbox mod
Of all those Xbox 360 mods we’ve seen, this perhaps is one that screams Steampunk in all ruggedness and artistic thick of things. The golden parts added-including the lining of the CD-ROM and some buttons- appeal that attracts us towards this crazy creation. Made for some tough gaming this Xbox mod is a must for fans of games and Steampunk ofcourse.

Steampunk PSP mod

psp fallout mod side_yw4m9_54
There’s nothing on who’s made this, but whoever it was, must have been a crazy Fallout player and admirer. Reason clear with this Fallout inspired PSP mod thus created. Resting inside loads of screws and rusted metal, the PSP mod is good to lure a Steampunk.
psp fallout mod back_jacud_54

Steampunk Xbox 360 mod

steampunk xbox 360 pc case mod_t1ig2_54
Giving Microsoft a taste of Steampunk modification, deviantARTist Dopelgunder has come up with a Steampunk-styled Xbox 360 mod. When modding reaches a scale where it beats the expertise, it becomes really striking and ingenious, and then those detailings are least noticed and what is cherished is the end result, which like this Dopelgunder Xbox 360 mod, is exciting and luring.
tb steampunkxbox4_cxqg3_54

 Steampunk Game Boy mod

steampunk game boy_o6wrv_54
Consider this unique yet gorgeous custom-made Steampunk Game Boy, which appears to be something out of the box or maybe beyond. Besides the exterior morphing, creator Thretris has stuffed in orange LED to replace the good old red colored one, which goes so well with the entire appearance.

Steampunk Xbox Mod

steampunk xbox mod
By J Grayson this looks like a simple game console, but the Steampunk style is all over it. This styling makes for a great Steampunk Xbox mod, which just any gamer would be happy to get the game on. The style, look, color and the blazing lights add that extra bit to the steaming game console.
steampunk xbox mod 1
Steampunk arcade

steampunk arcade
In order to convert an old arcade machine to a multi-arcade machine running MAME, the modder thought of doing it differently. For this he gave the old arcade into a steam powered machines of the 1880s. This Steampunk arcade is an old cabinet stuffed in with a 27″ TV along with a PC, built a custom control panel and an entire exterior of copper sheeting and brass screws.

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