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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glimpse of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World, also known as Ferrari Experience, is a theme park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi with architecture by Benoy Architects, and attractions designed by Jack Rouse Associates.[1]  It is the first theme park designed around the Ferrari brand and will feature a racetrack, theater complex, miscellaneous driving activities, and three thrill rides. The thrill rides include a drop tower, a dual launched roller coaster known as The GT Coaster, and the F1 Coaster. Ferrari World is due to open on October 28 2010.


Vania Moreira said...

It's a kind of Disneyland for adults, mainly for men!!! But you know, in a world full of financial crisis this kind of enterprise is a little bit odd...

riyan said...

even though its little odd, Dubai is the country which keep on investing on these kind of architectural marvels during financial crisis. good example is the tallest tower burj khalifa.

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