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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here are the top 10 of the most favorite Dog Breeds for 2009.

The Shih Tzu is a dog breed which originated in China. The name is both singular and plural. The spelling “Shih Tzu”, most commonly used for the breed, is according to the Wade-Giles system of romanization.

The Shih Tzu is reported to be the oldest and smallest of the Tibetan holy dogs, its vaguely lion-like look being associated with the Tibetan Snowlion. The Shih Tzu therefore also has the nickname “Tibetan temple dog”.

It is also often known as the “Xi Shi quan” (???), based on the name of Xi Shi, regarded as the most beautiful woman of ancient China, and, less often, the Chrysanthemum Dog, because its face looks very much like the flower, and the Chinese or Tibetan Lion Dog. Owners often tie strands of fur from the shih tzu’s head into a pony-tail that sticks up. This is called a topknot, and many different hair clips and bows are added to make the dog appear more “cute”.

9 Poodle
The Poodle is a breed of dog, and is regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. The poodle breed is found in small, medium, and large sizes, and in manycoat colors. Originally bred as a type of water dog, the poodle is skillful in many dog sports, including agility, obedience, tracking, and even herding.Poodles are elegant in the conformation ring, having taken top honors in many shows, including Best in Show (BIS) at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 2002 and BIS at theWorld Dog Show in 2007. The poodle’s appearance made it popular as a circus dog and pet for the wealthy. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale lists the country of origin as France, but some experts believe poodles may have originated in Russia or Iberia; Germany is also frequently cited, including by the American Kennel Club, since the breed’s English name has German origins. (The name poodle comes from the German word pudel, short for pudelhund or “splashing dog”, reflecting the breed’s development from a water dog; the word pudel is related to the English word puddle.) However, most sources concur that the French are responsible for developing the modern breed into its current form, and developing the different sizes. The French name for the poodle is caniche, referring to ducks and the poodles’ water dog origins.

8 Bulldog
The Bulldog comes in a variety of colours and ideally has a smooth, short coat. The only disqualifier for the breed in the show ring is a liver colored nose, although black-coated bulldogs are not preferred. In the US, the size of a typical mature male is about 50 pounds; that for mature females is about 40 pounds. In the United Kingdom, the breed standard is 55 pounds for a male and 50 pounds for a female, but it is not uncommon for males to be 70 pounds.

The term “bulldog” was first used around 1568 and might have been applied to various ancestors of modern bulldog breeds. It has been theorized that Bulldogs were bred in England as a cross between the mastiff and the pug, although their genetic origin is debated. In the 1600s, bulldogs were used for bullbaiting (as well as bearbaiting), a gambling sport popular in the 17th century with wagers laid in which trained bulldogs leapt at a bull lashed to a post, latched onto its snout and attempted to suffocate it.

7 Dachshund

The dachshund is a short-legged, elongated dog breed of the hound family. However it is pronounced (variations include däks’hoont, -h?nt, -h?nd, -?nd, d?ks-, dæks-,dæ?-), the breed’s name is German and literally means “badger dog”, from [der] Dachs, “badger”, and [der] Hund, “dog”.
6 Boxer

Developed in Germany, the Boxer is a breed of stocky, medium-sized, short-haired dog. The coat is smooth and fawn or brindled, with or without white markings. Boxers are brachycephalic (i.e. they have wide heads), and have a square muzzle, mandibular prognathism (an underbite), very strong jaws and a powerful bite ideal for hanging on to large prey.
The Boxer was bred from the English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser and is part of the Molosser group. Boxers were first exhibited in a dog show for St. Bernards at Munich in 1895, the first Boxer club being founded the next year. Based on 2007 American Kennel Clubstatistics, Boxers are the sixth most popular breed of dog in the United States—moving up from the seventh spot for the first time since 2002—with 33,548 new dog registrations during the year.

The Beagle is a breed of small to medium-sized dog. A member of the Hound Group, it is similar in appearance to the Foxhound but smaller, with shorter legs and longer, softer ears. Beagles are scent hounds, developed primarily for tracking hare, rabbit, and other game. They have a keen sense of smell and tracking instinct that sees them employed as detection dogs for prohibited agricultural imports and foodstuffs in quarantine around the world. They are popular as pets because of their size, even temper, and lack of inherited health problems. These characteristics also make them the dog of choice for animal testing.Beagles have been depicted in popular culture since Elizabethan times in literature and paintings, and latterly in film, television and comic books. Snoopy of the comic strip Peanuts has been promoted as “the world’s most famous beagle”..

4 Golden Retriever
The Golden Retriever is a breed of dog, historically developed as a gundog to retrieve shot waterfowl and upland game during hunting. As such they were bred to have a soft mouth to retrieve game undamaged and an instinctive love of water. Their intelligence and versatility sees them employed in a variety of roles includingillegal drug detection, search and rescue, as hunting dogs and as guide dogs. Its friendly, eager-to-please and patient demeanor has also made it one of the most popular family dogs (by registration) in the world today.
3 German Shepherd Dog
The German Shepherd Dog (GSD), (German: Deutscher Schäferhund) is a breed of large-sized dog that originates from Germany. German Shepherds are a fairly new breed of dog, with their origins only dating back to 1899. Part of the herding group, shepherds are working dogs developed originally for herding sheep. Their strength, intelligence and obedience often sees them employed in police and military roles in forces around the world. Due to their loyal and protective nature the breed is among the most registered.
2 Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier (informally known as a Yorkie) is a breed of large dog in the terrier category. The long-haired terrier is known for its playful demeanor and distinctive blue and tan coat. Yorkies can be very small, usually weighing no more than 7 pounds (3.18 kg); the standard of this breed does not mention the minimum weight accepted nor does it specify a height. They are very friendly and handle children well.

1 Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of several kinds of retriever, a type of gun dog. The Labrador is considered the most popular breed of dog (by registered ownership) in the world, and is by a large margin the most popular breed by registration in the United States (since 1991), theUnited Kingdom, Poland, and several other countries. It is also the most popular dog breed in the United States, Australia, and many other countries, as well as being widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities.
They are exceptionally affable, gentle, intelligent, energetic and good natured, and Labradors are generally considered good companions for people of all ages (including a high level of patience and tolerance for children, making them both excellent companions and working dogs. Although somewhat boisterous if untrained, Labrador Retrievers respond well to praise and positive attention, and are considerably “food and fun” oriented. These dogs are loyal and good with little children. With training, the Labrador is one of the most dependable, obedient and multi-talented dog breeds in the world.

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