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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Most Interesting and Creative Bus Shelter Designs

With these innovatively designed bus shelters, waiting for buses won’t be anymore a pain in the ass. Here we have seven more incredible bus shelter designs.

Traffic Shelter System
nachtversie 1_7gcky_17621
Refurbishing public transportation, the “Traffic Shelter System” (TSS) offers an innovative shelter that gives access to different public modes of transportation to commuters, and that too without striving in the open. Featuring an integrated air conditioner, together with automated sliding doors and complete wheelchair accessibility, the TSS helps passengers to move across and reach their destination with minimum fuss.

Drop Spot
drop spot_01_9qvmg_17621
The Drop Spot by Jonas Elslander and Jeroen Robberechts is an inflatable shelter that offers an instant and cost-effective alternative to the bus stops and rain shelters. Amongst other things, this collapsible bus-stop is inexpensive to produce and easy to install, providing an instant seating and shelter for avid travelers in far off places. 

Solar-powered bus stop
bus shelter_6_fechn_69
Developed by designer Johann Paquelier, the cost-efficient bus shelter range for small urban and suburban areas is basically a shelter with different options for comfort, which helps passengers wait for the bus in the best conditions. The shelters are designed in three different variants where the first two designs consist of a common roof in composite materials, which make it lighter than a metal one.

Intelligent Bus Shelter
bus stop_3_rykw1_69
Japanese designers GK Sekkei have proposed intelligent bus stop shelters that harmonize seamlessly with the modern urban landscape. The bus stop shelters are constructed from a wide range of sustainable materials and offer modern amenities such as telephone, Wi-Fi, dynamic display for schedule and updates, advertising display case and a waste bin.

Mass Transit
bus stop_06_zb2zy_25013
Nathan M. Schneider designed a special type of bus stop, keeping the comfort level of riders, interaction time and its environmental impact in mind. The design comprises of two parts, canopy and bench, creating the most usable and desired shape. The canopy is made of rolled T-beams, acrylic glass, steel and concrete with each section constituting two beams and one piece of glass, measuring between 8′ and 10’ (tall) depending on the need.

Sustainable bus stop
energy bus stop_1_hju96_69
Industrial designer Laurence Kemball-Cook is envisioning a different type of renewable energy generating bus stop that will definitely function be it a clear day or an overcast one.

Abrigo do onibus
A team of industrial designers that includes Sergio Souza Pereira and Rafael Eller have designed a bus stop that could make your stay pleasant and comforting. “Abrigo do onibus,” as the conceptual bus stop has been christened, is made from recycled wood and plastic composite lumber and is sheltered with a plexiglass roof which apart from keeping the interior cool is durable at the same time.

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